Commissions are currently: Closed
Waiting list: Open!

Commission openings are announced usually via Furaffinity Journals and on social media pages.
I announce openings whenever my queue and waiting list is close to be empty.
You can join my waiting list anytime, just message me.

General rules:
- Commission openings are announced usually via Furaffinity Journals and on social media pages.
- I announce openings whenever my queue and waiting list is close to be empty.
- The openings are not first-come first-served. Each inquiry is treated equally, doesn't matter if you send it on beginning or at the end of the time frame.
- I respond to emails within the next few days after the opening is closed.
- I respond to every inquiry. If you didn't get your reply - feel free to contact me again!
- From approved projects I create a queue, usually for the next 3 months.

Currently offered tiers:

The waiting list:
- If your inquiry is not chosen for the current queue, you will be put in the Waiting List! Waiting List, queue and all progress is public on My Trello(link below).
- The moment I’m done with the initial queue, the waiting list people will have priority.
- You don’t have to wait forever for my “opening window” - just shoot me an email if you are interested in the project and I will give you an initial quote and start estimate. You can join the waiting list anytime, and I’ll do my best to give you an estimate of the waiting time.
- You don’t have to pay anything to “reserve” a slot in the list. Once I’m getting close to finish current batch I will contact you and make interest check if you would still like the slot.

Questions? Feel free to drop me an email!
Or send me a DM on any social media platform.

Tier 1: Painted portrait ▶️ 150 EUR

Painterly portrait of your character!Can be vertical or horizontal. If not disclosed, I will choose a format I prefer.Fixed price: 150 EUR
- Additional character: +100%
- If your character is a modern version of a sparkle wolf, a complexity fee may apply.

Tier 2: Wing-it Speedpaint ▶️ 300 EUR

Artistic freedom impression of your character.You can send me a few keywords, or a song instead and make it a music-inspired commission.If not included on the reference, please write me also a short description of your characters personality and world it lives in.They are meant to have a loose, more abstract/rough form. There is no sketch or approval stage.Fixed price: 300 EUR
- If your character is a modern version of a sparkle wolf, a complexity fee may apply.

Tier 3: Detailed scene illustration ▶️ Starts at 500 EUR

Detailed, scenic piece I utilise all my abilities in. It includes extensive planning and you can give feedback anytime through the process.Each illustration comes in at least 9000 px x 6000px 300dpi canvas size. Can be horizontal or vertical.

Price for each illustration is set individually.
I do not price illustrations per character, but by overall complexity of the scene
To make planning easier, consider:
- Base 500 eur price for "one character on a natural background"
- 550-850 eur for compositions up to 3 characters
- 900 and up for increased complexity cases (eg. hydra fighting an army)
Additional characters like eg. crowds, are considered a "background detail".

Tier 4: Reference sheet

Please don't forget this tier is made in collaboration with Mirsathia!
I outsource linework to Mir since 2021. I lineart myself only the simplest references.

Collection of character shots meant to be informative and serve for further work with other artists.It can be either flat colors only, or flats placed on and illustrative background with creative, painterly representation of the character.I am aware you want your character to look perfect so there is no general limit to edits. I will keep editing the character until you are satisfied. Please note though that my patience has it's limits and if the edits exceed common sense I might ask for an additional fee.- Name and color palette are included in every sheet.
- Reference sheet needs to contain at least two fullbody views, or one fullbody + 2 details
- Payment plans available starting at 300 EUR.
- I might draw nsfw views if you feel like your ref can't live without it, but please remember I'm an sfw artist at the core.


Prices below are provided for your guidance and planning. Please remember that every single commission is priced individually. There is no flat rate. Final quote is a sum based on desired content:

The pricing scale:

TYPESimpleRegularVery complex
FULLBODYFrom 150 EURto 200 EURto 250 EUR and up
PORTRAITFrom 40 EURto 60 EURto 90 EUR and up
(drawn on a copy of a fullbody view)
From 60 EURto 80 EURto 100 EUR and up
(eg. wingspread, hands/feet closeup (top+underside), etc.)
From 50 EURto 70 EURto 90 EUR and up
(eg. eye close-up, tailtip, accessory, etc.)
From 15 EURto 30 EURto 45 EUR and up

Other:🔸 MAKE LAYOUT BACKGROUND AN ILLUSTRATION --> Starting at 400 EURPainted view of the character serving as a "book cover" for your character. It's meant to showcase the personality as well as habitat in which your character lives.🔸 WORK COMPLETELY FROM DESCRIPTION --> +20% of the full sumIf there is no previous artworks of your character and I have to design it from scratch, I will charge you a design fee. When there's no visuals to base on there's a lot of back-and-forth and version sketches.

How complex is my character? What adds up to the price?
Please remember that examples below are not "fixed". Complexity is a scale and some characters might be between simple/regular, or regular/complex.

▶️ Simple characters:

Usually 2-3 main color tones. Little to none additional horns, scutes. No separately drawn scales, fur details etc.

▶️ Regular characters:

Design includes more horns, scutes, more colors, stripes, handdrawn scales, etc. The more intricate details character has, the more it raises the price.

▶️ Very complex characters:

When your imagination goes wild, every scale has a gradient shine and sparkle dogs are simple in comparison - this tier of complexity is for you.


🔸 Flat-color refs with less views

🔸 Flat-color refs with more views

🔸 Big refs with background illustration:

Anoroth's Terms of service

As a commissioner you can:
✅ Repost artwork on your social media sites, with credits in description
✅ Edit/crop the artwork and use it as icons, banners, etc.
✅ Print the artwork for your own use
✅ Print the artwork and give it to a friend
As a commissioner you can't:
❌ Use the artwork for commercial purposes (e.g. selling prints), unless you purchased full Image Rights
❌ Claim that you drew the artwork
❌ Create NFT from any of my artworks
❌ Feed my artworks to any kind of AI without my permission
As an artist I may:
▶️ Sell the artwork as a print, and/or marchendise
▶️ Use the artwork to promote my services
▶️ Share artwork-related files on my Patreon, Ko-Fi, etc.

Please note: The information on this site is relevant to private commissions only. If your commission is a commercial project, please contact me individually via email: Don't forget to include a short summary of your project as well as your budget.I draw:
✅ Fantasy species (dragons, gryphons, werewolfs, hybrids, etc.)
✅ Animals
✅ Both anthro and feral characters
✅ Pictures that are SFW (Safe For Work)
✅ Artistic Nudity (naked characters, visible nipples and bits)
✅ Mild erotica (sexy pinup poses including artistic nuduty)
✅ Fetish suggestive art that doesn't include sexual intercourse, eg.: ponyplay, bondage, maws, paws etc.
I do not draw:
❌ Offensive, racist, hating, political themed images.
❌ ‘Extreme’ fetishes like: scat, watersports, inflation, baby furs etc.
❌ Art that fits into Explicit rating: Porn scenes showing sexual intercourse, especially overflowing with fluids.
I might draw (ask me):
▶️ Humans (I can do them, but I don't draw them often)
▶️ Some amount of gore/blood
▶️ Robots/cyborgs
▶️ Artwork including lots of "hard-surface" elements

Anoroth's Terms of Service
Last edit: 31st January 2024
(added process steps, fixed some wording)
I - the artist
You - the client
1. General info
- By ordering a commission you agree to these Terms of Service.
- By ordering a commission you declare that you are 18+ years old.
- I reserve the right to change my Terms of Service at any time. The client is always bound under the version of Terms of Service they agreed to from the day they sent payment for commission.
- I reserve the right to refuse commission without providing a reason.
2. Openings and ordering
- The commissions are opened with a prior notice via social media, usually quaterly.
- Openings are not first-come first-serve.
- If you'd like to get a slot, send me an email to following template listed here
- Each price is tailored to fit an individual commission depending on wishes, complexity and character design. If you wish to get a quote - please send me an e-mail and I will propose a quote based on the information provided.
- Once the quote is agreed by both sides, I will send an invoice via Paypal. I'll start working on the commission only after receiving the payment.
- If you'd like to just get a quote for your idea, feel free to send me the e-mail anytime. Quotes created outside an opening are valid for 2 months.
3. Payment and prices
- All prices are presented in EURO (EUR).
- Payment should be sent upfront before I start working on your piece.
- I accept Payment Plans for big Illustrations and Reference Sheets.
- Payment plans: I will start working on the commission when the first payment part is sent.
- The client can tip the artist while sending the payment. Tips are not obligatory.
- The prices shown on website cover working with characters with visual reference only, unless stated otherwise. If you don't have any reference might add a design fee.
4. Privacy
- I do not make private commissions.
- I often stream my workflow on Picarto and/or Twitch. Client might ask for part or whole picture not to be streamed.
- If the client wants to stay anonymous, they have to inform the artist about it before the artist posts the finished illustration online. No nicknames or any other information will be revealed in artwork’s watermark and description.
5. Art process
- The art process is divided into stages:
*Planning/Defining idea
*Sketching/Preparing 3D diorama
*Rough, colored illustration base
*Overpainting and rendering details
*Sketching the base view
*Feedback session, defining the design, exchanging edits
*Sketching the rest of the views
*Feedback and applying edits to all views
Simplest references I lineart myself. All bigger ones are sent to Mirsathia for linearting. In case of collaboration, all communication is handled by me.
*Lineart feedback and eventual edits
*Applying flat colors
*Setting up and designing the final layout. (+Painting the illustrative BG if ordered)
Stages are also visible on the artwork's Trello card.
- I always provide a WIP (Work In Progress) after I complete a process stage for your review (except wing-it tiers). The client is encouraged to provide feedback to every WIP they receive.
- The artist decides on which project they are going to work at the moment.
6. Edits
- When the commission is in its rough sketch/thumbnailing stage, the client can request corrections of any size.
- Beyond the colored thumbnail stage, I will do only small fixes (missing horns, markings, props, anatomy corrections, etc.) in the commissions. Bigger fixes are paid extra (priced individually).
- Edits after completion of the artwork are possible (after the client approved and received the full size images), but will be charged extra depending on complexity. (unless it's me forgetting some detail on your character, minor edits like this I still do for free)
7. Deadlines
- I do my best to finish the artwork within 3 months since the payment was made. The time needed to create the artwork might be longer if it's a bigger piece (e.g. a Reference Sheet with a lot of elements). If I need more time, you will be always informed about it.
- You might request an individual deadline. I preserve the right to refuse the deadline date. You will get informed why the deadline date got refused, but the common reason is the deadline is not giving me enough time to finish the commission.
8. What you're going to get:
- Full resolution file in PNG format for your personal use. (usually around 4000x3000px for portraits, around 9000x6000px for illustrations, even bigger for refs).
- A full resolution 300 dpi JPG file you can use for printing.
- Smaller resolution file with a watermark for sharing.
- I can provide additional formats if requested, e.g. sketch on transparent background, cropped version for social media, etc.
- I can provide the PSD/PSB working file if requested. Do note those are quite big and might not open on weaker hardware.
9. Refunds
- I preserve the right to cancel the commission at any time without providing a reason. In such case you will get a full refund. If I'd have to resign from the commission I'm working on, you get a full refund together with the WIP of the unfinished commission.
- If you resign from the commission after I've started working on it, I keep amount of money adequate to the time I've spent working on the commission.
- I will send refunded money the same way the client has paid me.
- I do not refund finished commissions.
- I do not refund tips.
- I do not refund donations.
- If the client disappears for a prolonged amount of time during the commission work without approving final step, I will pause progress and hold onto it for up to one year. After one year passes I will call it abandoned and will no longer continue it. Abandoned artwork will not be refunded.
10. Image Rights and use of the finished artwork
- I retain all of the rights to the commissioned artwork, including the right to make&sell prints and merchandise, as well as promote my services.
- I may post artwork-related files and/or sell access to a higher-resolution file through a Ko-Fi Shop/Patreon and alike.
- The client might request purchase of the Image Rights. The price of rights is set individually.
- Sketches, and all other forms of preliminary visual work that have been rejected by the client are the property of the artist, and may be used by the artist in the future.
- The full-resolution file can be used only for private use. The client can print the artwork for their private use. The client is not allowed to use it commercially in any way unless they have bought the full rights to the artwork.
- File with reduced resolution and watermark can be posted online by the client in their gallery, cropped for icons, banners etc. The client must also credit the artist in the description.
- The client is not allowed to claim that they have drawn the commission.
- The client is not allowed to claim that they have drawn the commission.
- The client is not allowed to create NFTs using the artwork at any stage.
- The client is not allowed to use the artwork at any stage to feed any type of AI image generator.
By sending me the payment client automatically states, that they have read, understood and agreed to the presented Terms of Service.

Commission form

If you'd like to commission me, please follow those steps:
- Get familiar with my Terms of Service.
- Send me an email to following template below:
1. Your paypal email:
2. Your social media nickname/s ( FA /Twitter/etc):
I need to know them so I can credit you in the description of finished artwork
3. What tier of artwork would you like, how many characters?
In case of a reference sheet: how many views and what type?
4. Describe your idea:
Tell me all about the details that you want me to include in your commission. Expression, pose, clothing, props. What is the character doing? What's their personality? What's in the background?
If it's artistic freedom, please specify a few keywords I could base my idea on (or a link to a song if it's music inspired piece).
5. Would you like a horizontal or vertical piece?
If you have any dimensions preferences, please let me know.
6. Send references of your characters as an email attachment or paste links.
Feel free to add any other references that you think might help visualise your vision - pictures from google, photography, your own stickman-sketch, etc.
I'll do my best to reply you within 3 days after commission opening is closed.
If you don't get any reply within a week, please consider messaging me again on any other platform, in case the email didn't reach me.
If you'd like to just get a quote for your idea, feel free to send me the e-mail anytime. Quotes created outside an opening are valid for 3 months.

Please note: The information on this site is relevant to private commissions only. If your commission is a commercial project, please contact me individually via email:
Please include a short summary of your project as well as your budget.

All artwork © Anna 'Anoroth' Pacewicz. All Rights Reserved. Images may not be used in any way without my written permission.